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The English Funeral Director

A Golden Leaves Funeral Plan is a secure way to pre-plan and pre-pay for your funeral:

Funeral arrangements shouldn't be the last thing on your mind

Pre-planning gives you the peace of mind of knowing that the arrangements you particularly want, will be conducted sensibly, in dignified respect to your wishes.

Pre-paying now will save you, your family or your estate a great deal of money. Bought now at today's prices, every detail is guaranteed no matter when it is needed or how much the costs of a funeral have risen in the mean time.

Sharing the intimate details of your preferred funeral service 5, 10 or 15 years ahead of its time can be quite a difficult concept to consider. If you write it down, who will you entrust the paper to? If you tell your partner, sons or daughters, how will they remember and plan your every wish in their time of sadness? Only you can advise sensibly on such individual requirements - Burial or Cremation? Church? Hymns? Music? Cars? Memorialisation? Or perhaps you have an environmental requirement such as woodland burial for instance?

Bereaved relatives have grief and possibly anger to contend with. Adding the administrative burden of arranging the funeral to their confused and emotional state may lead to mistakes being made and unnecessary costs being incurred..

Planning and paying for your funeral in advance saves your family the anguish and grief of doing anything other than remembering you.

Why Pay Now?

All Spanish families have funeral insurance. In most cases, the whole family is covered, even the youngest of children, as a funeral represents a major expense for a family. Funerals are very expensive, with cash funerals costing considerably more than via a funeral plan or insurance. Costs can average between €3000-€4000 Euros, and many funeral directors may refuse to cremate the deceased without full advance payment. Without adequate provision, this can cause severe problems for those who do not have that amount of cash available immediately to hand.The cost of funerals has historically increased above the normal levels of inflation and this is a trend that is predicted to continue.

What is certain is, with a Golden Leaves Funeral Plan, bought now at today's prices or paid for in convenient monthly installments, the quality of the service provided in respect of your planned wishes will not cost your family one penny more - whenever it is ultimately needed.

Why Trust Golden Leaves?

Golden Leaves Limited has been at the forefront of Pre-paid Funeral Planning since 1984 when such plans first became available in the UK. Golden Leaves is a founder member of the National Association for Pre-paid Funeral Plans.

From January 1st 2002, Funeral Planning became a regulated activity by the Financial Services Authority. Golden Leaves is a registered provider with the Funeral Planning Authority which monitors the marketing, financial and service provisions of the Plan providers it regulates.

Thousands of people now recognise that leaving your funeral arrangements to chance is not the way to secure peace of mind in your later years. To pay for and decide upon your funeral is a way you can leave your loved ones your final gift and know that your wishes will be carried out. This is particularly true when living abroad and having to deal with cultural differences at a difficult time.

Golden Leaves is one of the leading companies in pre-paid funeral plans. With decades of experience as undertakers, funeral directors and providers of plans, the company knows exactly what its clients want.

Three different plans and a number of payment methods mean you can choose the funeral insurance that suits you best and pay for it in advance.

Installment options allow you to spread the cost out if you wish and once the premium is paid there is nothing else to pay for; no hidden extras, no surprises – your funeral will be carried out in accordance with your wishes, regardless of whether inflation has affected prices. Unlike an insurance policy where the premiums may not cover the cost of the funeral when you die, a pre-paid funeral plan means that the cost of your funeral is fixed at the day you take it out so you are guaranteed that your money will be enough to meet the costs.

If you choose to move back to the UK your plan can ‘follow’ you allowing you to elect a local undertaker or let Golden Leaves help you to choose. For more information click on the links below.


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