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The English Funeral Director


Pamela Sheila Louise Weston

18th January 1956 ~ 24th March 2009 



29th Aug 2011 ~ Wedding Anniversary Memorial.

Imagine Wednesday 29 August 1973, a little church next to Everton Football ground when a very young girl and boy came together as man and wife. A kiss for luck and we were on our way. What a blessed and wonderful life we had. Now I am alone, but having lost my one true love I have found a more divine love in Jesus who loves me so much he died for me. Today is a very special day and I will celebrate our love and through losing you I have found a greater love. I thank you John for loving me and all the happy memories. My love My Darling goes beyond the grave.

Su xxx


26th June 2011 ~ Happy memories of happy days in the sun.

Thinking of you today Dear John

Lots of love

Myfanwy and Johnny


26th June 2011- Annerversary

Forever In My HeartThe Love Of A Wonderful Husband

Is Something That Always Lives On

Filling The Days With Precious Memories

Long After His Presence Is Gone

I Will Always Feel The Warmth Of His Caring

His Memory Will Never Fade

For The Love Of A Wonderful Husband

Will Forever Live On........Inside My HeartIn Precious Memory Of My Beautiful and Caring Husband JOHN

Who Left My Loving Arms 26 June 2009

Love my darling goes beyond the grave.

Su xxx


22nd June 1947 ~ BIRTHDAY MEMORIAL

I wish heaven had a telephone so I could hear your voice.

I´d wish you happy birthday, say I love you and rejoice.

I thought of you today but that is nothing new.

I thought about you yesterday and days before that too.

I think of you in silence, I often speak your name.

All I have are memories and a picture in a frame.

Your memory is a keepsake from which I'll never part.

God has you in his arms, I have you in my heart.

Su ♥ x ♥ x




To the world you were one person

To one person you were the world



17th August 2010 From John and Carol Williams, Prestatyn, North Wales

In life we have good times and bad times - For John now there is peace.


16th July 2010 Photo & Message added fom John and Carol Williams,

Prestatyn, North Wales, U.K.

John and Su - you're not forgotten and never will be


26th June 2010 From Gill and Noel Popplewell,

Long time friends of Su and John

A little tribute just to show that we remember.

Time may pass and fade away, but memories will always stay

The memory of John enjoying golf at which he practiced hard

The thought of all those corks he hit across the boulevard.

Gill and Noel


John´s Birthday Memorial ~ 22 June 2010

Instead of a card

I send my love

Instead of a gift, a prayer

To the one I thought the world of

And miss beyond compare. Love you Babe Suxxx


It will be a year on Saturday 26 June that John died.

I'vegotten used to missing you,

My grief's begun to ease;

I don't sit down to write you notes

Or phone to shoot the breeze.

When in a crowd someone may laugh

Or sound a lot like you;

And then the pain will grip my heart

And flood my soul anew.

I've gotten used to missing you,

I'm learning day by day

To focus on good memories

And put the rest away.

On strong days I scan photographs

Of happy times we knew;

I picture JESUS in my mind

And place HIM next to you.

I've gotten used to missing you,

And though it's been like years;

I still am just a thought away

From aching and from tears.

But my sorrow will have an end,

So let the tear drops pour;

Until I'm once again with you

And the ONE who loves you more.


He was "...a man of sorrows, and

acquainted with grief..."

(Isaiah 53:3 KJV)


From Gerry and Phil.......

Itsa year since we last saw you John,but we know you are always there,

not in body but in spirit and we hope without a care.

A shadow passes over us or the flicker of a light, and then we know you've never left us John, even though you're out of sight.

It's a comfort to feel your spirit with us,each and every day,

and Su knows you're watching over her and never far away.

We truly love you John, that will always be,

and we are pretty certain you are sailing on God's heavenly sea.


14th March 2010 - Photo added by Johnny and Myfanwy Gillam


21st Dec 2009 - My love always Suxxx

If I could have just anything

My Christmas wish would be

To wake up in the morning

and find you here with me.

Christmas time will soon be here

I long to see your face

Just once again to see you smile

and dream of your embrace.

Enjoy Christmas John this year

with Jesus and the Angels.


21st Dec 2009 - Photo added by Su


25th Nov 2009 -Carole and Derek, Cornwall

We are so pleased to have known John for 4 years.

We have many happy memories - he was often the first person we spoke to

when arriving in Spain and he made us feel so welcome and glad to be back.

We will always remember him with respect and admiration.

love from Carole and Derek from Cornwall.


17th Oct 2009 - David and Ruth Groves, Camposol.

We knew you for only two short years and wish we had known you better. You were always happy and smiling even in the most adverse conditions. We are so glad you enjoyed your final sail with us. We miss you.


26th Sept 2009 -Photo & message added by Carol & John.

Prestatyn, North Wales.

'Very fond memories of a good friend, and many happy times spent together.

John lived his life to the full, and experienced so many things.

He will never be forgotton, and he will always be in our hearts'.

Carol & John. Prestatyn, North Wales.


20th Sept 2009 - Love from Val, Pete and Ben

To a lovely friend and neighbour

who touched our lives and made us smile.

We miss you and you will always remain in our hearts


16th Sept 2009 - New photo added by Gill and Noel Popplewell


11th Sept 2009 - New photo added by Su


8th Sept 2009 - Photo added by Myfanwy and Johnny


7th Sept 2009 - 3 Photos added by Caroline, Rob & the boys

Perth Western Australia


6th Sept 2009 - From John & Rhian Ellis – Wales

We will always treasure the happy memories we have of John.

He was a friend who was ready to help us at all times. Diolch yn fawr John.


6th Sept 2009 - Love always Rob, Caroline and the boys xxx

Perth Western Australia

We did have so many good times together didn’t we,

memories we will cherish forever.

Your unique and funny belly laugh is so easy to recall even today –

John old friend, you have been and always will remain our dear friend. Until we meet again one day...nos da John.


5th Sept 2009 - Two photos added by Gerry and Phil

We will always remember the good times we all shared together.

4th Sept 2009 - Message added by Su Stowell

Su and John married on Wednesday 29 August 1973

You took me as your bride,

We vowed we'd be together,

Forever side by side,

But God had other plans for you,

And took you by the hand,

He whispered John come with me,

Away to a better land.

Missing you so much. Your loving wife Su xxx


3rd Sept 2009 - Elaine Pearson added new photo of John & Su

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